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Fields Store Elementary Fun Run Fundraiser

Photo of FSE Fun Run Fields Store Elementary (FSE) students are running for a cause. Each year FSE students take part in the Adventure Dash Fun Run to fundraise for their school while also learning to live a healthy lifestyle. Adventure Dash is a high-energy company dedicated to helping school districts across the country raise money for their schools. The program promotes healthy habits, fitness, teamwork, and strives to teach students that no obstacle is too difficult to overcome when trying to achieve a goal.

“Adventure Dash supports some of the main components we try to teach our students such as integrity, positive sportsmanship, good character, healthy eating, staying hydrated, and being active,” FSE Physical Education (PE) Coach Gwen Marki said.

The Adventure Dash is broken down into three steps. First, it is kicked off with a pep rally for the entire school to energize and excite students. Second, is daily health and fitness breakouts. Each day of the week the Adventure Dash crew visits with students during PE to discuss healthy living. The final step is what students eagerly wait for, Dash Day when students participate in an obstacle course fun run with music and dancing.

This year, students worked for new PE and recess equipment, and music supplies. Students compete by class and grade level to see who raised the most money by day and in total. Daily incentives included wristbands and daily challenges, such as extra recess time, pajama day, and Pie the PE Coach. Second grade raised enough money to pie Coach Marki in the face.

“I hope students walk away with a greater passion for being healthy and physically active,” Marki said. “The more they are exposed to different variables of this lifestyle in a fun and exciting environment, the more they will be open to making it a part of their life.”