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Waller ISD Junior High Bands Close Out the Year

Photo of SJH Band The Waller ISD Junior High Bands ended their year with their annual Spring Concert and Band Awards. Schultz (SJH) and Waller Junior High (WJH) held individual award ceremonies but came together for their last concert of the 2018-19 school year. The bands hold two concerts throughout the year, one in the fall and spring. The concerts are used as a way to gauge the progress students make individually and as a team.

“Performances are what we work toward. It gives the students the opportunity to show what they have been working on,” Smith said. “For many students, performing is there favorite thing about band.”

“Like games for athletic teams, concerts help provide checkpoints in our curriculum,” Alice said. “The Spring Concert in particular showcases how much improvement the students have made throughout the entire year.”

The junior high band programs consist of four bands, Beginning, Concert, Symphonic, and Wind Ensemble. The WJH bands are made up of 173 students and are directed by Sandra Smith and Aaron Torres. They began preparing for the spring concert pieces after returning from Spring Break. The SJH bands are directed by Danielle Alice and Hannah Hensdill and consist of 207 students. They had approximately 30 rehearsals to prepare for the night. Each band performed three songs including performances by the percussion ensembles.

“At Schultz, we are most excited about the improvement in depth of the program. From top to bottom, the quality of musicians have increased in the past few years,” Alice said. “The success our students have had both individually and as groups indicate the growth in musicianship at SJH.”

“I feel like the band has improved immensely this year,” Smith said. “Both the Wind Ensemble and the Symphonic Band earned Sweepstakes at UIL scoring straight ones from all six judges, the highest score Photo of WJH Band possible.

Just like many organizations, band holds award banquets at the end of the year to recognize student success and accomplishments. Along with recognizing students to earned high ratings at contests, the bands also award students who have gone above and beyond in their dedication to band and school.

“Our students, at WJH and SJH, are leaders in the school and the community. They are involved in many other school activities including football, basketball, and every other school sport plus many of our students are heavily involved in showing animals,” Alice said. “Even more impressive is that a large number of our students also take Pre-AP and Honors classes while maintaining a high level of success academically, athletically, and musically. In Waller ISD, we are blessed to work with wonderful students who possess a high standard of excellence and a strong work ethic!”

SJH Band Awards

WJH Band Awards