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WISD Elementary Competes in District UIL Meet

Photo of Elementary UIL Awards May 22, students from all five Waller ISD (WISD) elementary schools competed in the 2018-19 UIL District Meet at H.T. Jones Elementary. During the all-day event, second through fifth-grade students competed in 19 events. At the end of the competition, all schools participated in an awards ceremony. In each event, the top six students placed and the top three earned a medal. Students and staff cheered as the top three went on stage to be recognized by their school and receive their medals.

“UIL gives students a chance to study advanced topics that go beyond the classroom and a chance to be part of something special,” WISD Advanced Academics Coordinator Scotty Johnson said. “In the long run, it will help us build an even stronger high school program and help teachers to broaden their horizons as well.”

WISD encourages schools to make UIL a year-round focus. In elementary, the district meet is the highest level of UIL competition it is also the last elementary UIL competition of the year. In coming years, district faculty plans to place a larger emphasis on UIL and provide greater opportunities for students. WISD hopes to grow and improve the UIL Academic Program to one day have the biggest and best program in the state for grades 2-12.

“It was a very good year,” Johnson said. “I love the fact that these kids are having the opportunity to learn, be successful, and have fun doing so.”

In keeping WISD UIL connected, Waller High School (WHS) UIL students were recruited to help during the elementary district meet. These students took care of preparing all materials and handled all technology needs and concerns during the contest. They were also given the task of grading all tests and judging the speaking events.

Elementary District Meet Results