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Sun Rises on WHS Seniors

Photo of Senior Class at Senior Sunrise While many were sleeping, Waller High School (WHS) seniors were up bright and early to celebrate the beginning of their final year in high school. In this inaugural tradition, the WHS Class of 2020 was invited students to the Waller ISD Stadium for Senior Sunrise. The idea behind the event was to create a symbolic opening to the year and encourage students to make a big impact.

“It's an event we can get all seniors together to promote good choices and to let it sink in that this is the year of change and positive outcomes,” Senior Sponsor Abigail Arellano said.

Senior Sunrise was brought together by Arellano and Co-Senior Sponsor Isaiah Owens when a fellow teacher proposed the idea. To ensure all seniors could attend, the school provided transportation for students without a vehicle. As they arrived, students were given a simple breakfast and were seated in the bleachers to watch the sunrise. Afterward, Owens and Chief of Schools Bennie Mayes each gave a few words of encouragement.Photo of Seniors at Senior Sunrise

Before leaving, each student was given a small vial of bubbles to represent their future wishes. Students whispered their wishes into the bubbles before setting them free. WHS plans to continue the new Senior Sunrise tradition in the coming years. To close out the year, they will host a Senior Sunset for the Class of 2020 to symbolically say goodbye to WHS.

“This was their first event together as the Class of 2020 and Senior Sunset will be their last before graduation,” Arellano said.