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Waller ISD Administrators Selected to American Educational Delegation to China

Photo of WISD representatives in China

Waller ISD (WISD) Superintendent Kevin Moran, Secondary Chief of Schools Bennie Mayes, and Chief Information Officer Rosa Ojeda were selected to represent the United States and Texas as part of the College Board 2019 Chinese Bridge Delegation to China. The week-long, College Board hosted program is held once a year. As representatives of the delegation, they traveled to Beijing and Jilin province where they attended educator and student panels at Beijing University, visited schools, and participated in educational workshops.

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to share and collaborate with fellow educators about teaching and learning styles across the world,” Moran said. “We learned lots of valuable information and the global perspective was impressive. At the same time, it made me very proud of the education we provide right here in Waller. We encourage creativity, innovation, and opportunity and work to ensure all students achieve greatness.”

During the trip, WISD officials worked to establish collaboration agreements with Chinese schools to begin to build even stronger educational programs and offer more opportunities to students and teachers. These new agreements will allow students and teachers who desire to study abroad to participate in College Board exchange programs from China to Waller, and Waller to China.

“It was an honor to be selected and represent Waller,” Mayes said. “I’m excited to see what other opportunities for our students and staff come from it.”

The three WISD delegates were part of a group of approximately 190 Americans who were selected by the College Board.

Photo Caption: Oct. 20-29, Waller ISD (WISD) Superintendent Kevin Moran (middle), Secondary Chief of Schools Bennie Mayes (right), and Chief Information Officer Rosa Ojeda (left) served as representatives of the United States and Texas during the 2019 Chinese Bridge Delegation to China hosted by the College Board. The WISD delegates are pictured with representatives from Jilin City No. 1 High School. Waller ISD Communications