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Waller ISD Pursues District of Innovation Status

The 84th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1842 in the spring of 2015. HB 1842 provides public school districts the opportunity to become Districts of Innovation (DOI) and obtain exceptions from certain provisions of the Texas Education Code (TEC). Since then, more than 900 districts have become DOI. DOI may be exempt from certain state statutes to: 


  • take greater local control in decision-making about the educational and instructional model for students, 

  • have increased autonomy for state mandates that govern programming, and 

  • be empowered to innovate and plan differently - to think outside the box.  


To qualify, an eligible school district must adopt a five-year innovation plan according to the Texas Education Code. 


Waller ISD (WISD) is utilizing HB 1842 to obtain more local control and provide additional flexibility for the success of the WISD family of staff, students, and its community. WISD began the process to become a DOI in fall 2022. The district’s DOI committee has completed its draft local plan, which includes innovations in the areas of Teacher Certifications, Probationary Contracts, Teacher Contract Days, Out-of-District Transfer Students, First Day of Instruction, and Designation of Campus Behavior Coordinator. 


Review WISD’s Draft Local Innovation Plan Here


Questions? Contact WISD Chief Academic Officer Kelly Baehren at