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Waller ISD Wins Promising Practices Award

WISD Promising Practices AwardWaller ISD’s (WISD) Parent and Family Engagement Specialist Adela Cornejo has been recognized for the district's efforts in engaging families in student success. Cornejo received the Promising Practices Award from the Parent and Family Engagement Statewide Initiative during their 2022 Parental Involvement Conference. The award is given to only three school districts across Texas that show outstanding work in the critical area of parent and family engagement in education. 

“I am honored to be recognized and blessed to be able to work in a community that has support from local businesses,” Cornejo said. “It is so important for parents and family members of students, and our community businesses, to partner with us to help our kids succeed. We look for as many opportunities as possible to engage our families throughout the year and make a difference. I truly love working with our WISD family and seeing how family and community support helps our students.”

Cornejo was nominated for the award following her work with First National Bank (FNB) to organize the Smart Money program. Smart Money focuses on educating students, with their parents, on the basic concepts of entrepreneurship, marketing, and money management and learning how to save. 

Participants use what they learn to develop their own small business model creating homemade products. Students receive a $5 loan from FNB to buy supplies, which must be repaid when calculating their total profits at the program’s culmination event, Sale Day. During the event, students sell their goods to local shoppers. The top-grossing student business from the 2022 Smart Money program earned $700. FNB also donates a Kindle Fire to all students who complete the program. Cornejo works alongside FNB’s Sandra Gonzalez, Julie Coursey, and other staff to organize the event.

“We wanted to do something that gave students a more hands-on experience,” Gonzalez said. “We were excited to learn about the award and are happy to see Adela’s efforts and our program being recognized.”

As part of the award, Cornejo was invited to share information about the great work WISD Parent and Family Engagement does with others from across Texas at the inaugural Best Practice Expo Live in February 2023.

“I would not be able to do this without the support of First National Bank,” Cornejo said. “They are such huge supporters of the district and I’m grateful for everything they do.”

Cornejo leads multiple opportunities for parent and family engagement year-round. Find out how you can get involved and what other offerings are available here: