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Fields Store Elementary Investigates Pumpkins

Photo of students participating in pumpkin investigations

Oct. 26, Fields Store Elementary (FSE) kindergarten students became scientists during “Pumpkin Investigations.” During the project, they explored properties of the common fall fruit and, of course, decorated them.

FSE kindergarten teachers believe this hands-on activity provides students with a fun learning experience as some students have never seen the inside of a pumpkin before, and those who have likely have not studied it in detail. During the investigation, teachers incorporate math and English/language arts lessons.

The activity was not only fun for students, it was a great opportunity for parent engagement. Many parents visited their child’s classroom to join in the fun and help with the investigation. They helped cut the pumpkins and support the students with the project. Students measured the height and the width of the pumpkin. They also wrote adjectives to describe the outside and the inside of the pumpkin. They counted the ribs on a pumpkin and the seeds in groups of 10 to make 100. With these tasks complete, students decorated their pumpkins.

“We want to make students aware that they are learning all the time,” Kindergarten Teacher Kimberly Wedgman said. “Learning is a part of who they are; they are always discovering things around them and using skills gained from school without even knowing it.”

Students and parents at other Waller ISD elementary schools will also complete “Pumpkin Investigations”.