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WHS Students Share Art Virtually

In past years, Waller High School Photography students have debuted their work during annual art galleries. With COVID-19 restrictions, students could not display their artwork at the end of the year art show. Still wanting to show off student work, Photography Teacher Abigail Arellano decided to combine the virtual and the visual creating a virtual art gallery.

“It was heartbreaking not to be able to hold an end of the year show last year,” Arellano said. “I figured combining the two would be a good idea and it would give the kids a chance to learn to use google slides further as well as train their design eye.”

Students had a week to create their virtual art galleries using Google Slides. While the look of their galleries was their choice, students had a guideline to follow. Each slide holds at least three photos that focus on telling a story of the new normal of the daily lives. The classes also integrated their Bitmojis, a personal cartoon avatar, into their galleries to give the feel that they are giving a tour of their artwork. There are a total of three Photography classes offered online and on-campus. For the course, students learn about photography using their phones and specific applications. The tools they learn can easily be transferred to using professional cameras. Peer review is also an important part of the class as student skill levels develop.

“It is important to share students’ work because it gives them a sense of confidence,” Arellano said. “Being able to showcase your artwork helps build their confidence in their work but also in speaking about their work. The more they believe in their work the better it tends to progress.”

The art galleries will be updated periodically throughout the year as the classes complete projects. Before the winter break, the photos will be updated once more. In the Spring semester, the class aims to update at least twice every six weeks. Due to privacy concerns, the galleries can only be viewed by those within Waller ISD.

Virtual Art Gallery Virtual Art Gallery  

Virtual Art Gallery